About Us

Berkshire Home Watch Solutions

The company was created to fill the need for a trustworthy home watch service for people that want professional attention for their homes while they are away.

Berkshire Home Watch Solutions wants to offer peace of mind to customers when they are away. The company is dedicated to being your eyes and ears watching over your property and communicating with you on the status of your home. Your home is one of your biggest assets, and leaving it unattended can be a gamble.

Many homeowners rely on family and friends to monitor their homes. Do your family and friends actually know what to look for? Do they actually check your home every week even when the weather is bad? Berkshire Home Watch will give you peace of mind, knowing that a professional who has your best interests in mind is looking after your home.

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About the Owner

Berkshire Home Watch Solutions is a bonded and insured company that is owned and operated by Gregg Hattley.  Gregg was born and raised in Redford Twp., Michigan and is married with one daughter.

For 30+ years he has been a Senior Project Manager for the top automotive advertising agencies in the Detroit area. Gregg has also dedicated himself to family, as well as helping others in the community through volunteer work at his daughter’s school and being an active member of his church, St. Edith, in Livonia.