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Keeping your home safe while you're away.

Berkshire Home Watch Solutions is looking for signs of any obvious issues or concerns with your property from a visual perspective.  We will email a detailed report to you after each scheduled visit. If we encounter any problems, photo documentation will be included in the report.  See below for a complete listing of the Home Watch interior and exterior services. Berkshire Home Solutions is not a licensed inspector.

Interior Services:

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Exterior Services:

24/7 Protection with Key Holder Service

Do you give your house key to a neighbor, friend, or relative to access your home when you're away?

What if the person you trust is ill, or out of town at the exact same time you are? Also, do you expect that person to be available 24/7? What if a storm comes through unexpectedly when you are away? Holding someone else’s house key can be an enormous responsibility.

Key Holder Service is perfect when you are looking for a low-cost option to allow access to and check your home on an “as needed” basis.

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How "24/7 Key Holder Service" Works:

Berkshire Home Watch will hold on to a copy of your house key and when needed (and per your instructions), go to your property to grant access or check your home. It is as simple as that!

Additionally, Key Holder Service is designed for any homeowner whether you are a busy professional, frequent traveler, or just away on vacation or holiday.

Key Holder Service examples include:

Trust a professional that is insured and bonded to provide you with peace of mind while you are away!

Bonded, Insured and Background Checked

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Berkshire Home Watch Solutions is insured and bonded so you can leave a copy of your house key with us and be 100% confident that your home is secure and in good hands.